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Available to read upon request.

NEGATIVE // comedic pilot, similar to Shameless and You're the Worst

LOGLINE: In a world where Positivity reigns, Janice struggles to accept her newfound status as a Negative. This abrupt change in her self-understanding causes her to question her other identities she thought she knew for sure.

SISTER SITTER // comedic pilot, similar to Fleabag and Schitt's Creek

LOGLINE: When deadbeat older sister Charlie finds herself houseless, she turns to her Type A younger sister Blaire to crash in one of her many guest rooms. Charlie's dreams of luxury are dashed when she finds out Blaire has just left her cheating husband and moved into his investment property, aka studio apartment love den. She soon becomes not only her sister's keeper, but also her sister's children's keeper.

72 HOUR HOLD // comedic short, similar to Dating Myself and Thelma & Louise

LOGLINE: When her best friend tweets about wanting to kill herself, Olivia attempts to stop her in a ridiculous but endearing way. - in post-production

SOMETHING BAD // dramatic short, similar to The Hunting Ground and Little Woods

LOGLINE: When her younger sister is assaulted, Hannah avenges the wrong by seducing and slaying the man responsible for it.