personal essays on self-love/loathing, sex, and sadness.

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"Positive thinking is boring and overrated and annoying and takes effort. It works for like 20 minutes and then I’m right back to classic comfortable Care who just knows how things are gonna end up."

From Positivity's for Suckers lol jk

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"Some days you’re fucking rocking an ironed shirt and a well-balanced breakfast. Other days you’re running off of Red Bull and lies. That said, my final piece of advice is to be kind to yourself. Let yourself grow and let yourself fall flat on your face. Either way, you’ll learn."

From 7 Ways to Fake Being an Adult

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"I love the beat my feet make when I walk, not the high-pitched click clack of some dainty spikes, but the weighted thud of these boots I’ve broken in, blistered, bruised. I love the way the fat padded around my stomach peeks and prods out of my leggings, maybe too tight."

From The Way I'm a Woman

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